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Why Blog

I decided to write alongside my woodworking. I have many reasons for doing this and I'll explain why in this post.

What better way to start your blog than to explain why you've decided to begin blogging in the first place?

Over the years I've realised I'm my happiest when I'm being creative. I also feel writing helps me gather my thoughts, provides me with an escape from other things in life. Not that I want to escape my life! It's just nice to have something that helps you switch off, especially when you have a busy lifestyle alongside a busy brain. I never stop thinking and sometimes it's frustrating. Writing helps channel my thoughts to be productive.

So Why Blog?

Writing helps me organise my thoughts. I've never kept a diary or written on a regular basis but I have found that when I'm struggling to organise myself through life I have always reverted to writing something down on paper. A list, a plan, ideas or even just thoughts. I always feel good after doing it. I think blogging on a regular basis will only benefit how I feel. I've yet to decide on how regular but for now I think I'll play it by ear.

Writing is a creative activity. As I said before being creative is important to me, picture the times you get angry when you don't eat or exercise...I get frustrated and naturally feel miserable if I'm not being creative. I'm hoping that I can use blogging as a time to release any frustrations I'm feeling. Not necessarily write about my frustrations but to take my mind off them.

Just like in school, college or university, writing is a great way to memorise something you've learnt or experienced. I'm a self-taught woodworker/maker which means I'm constantly trying to learn. Blogging about my topic will help me in my line of work. Not only that but I may be able to share what I've learnt with anyone who reads my blog. So it's win, win!

Being self- employed isn't an easy job. So using the power of the web and blogging enables me to get my name out there. I can tell my own story without being dependant on someone else. Share my story, projects, completed work for my clients and readers to see. Blogging can improve business traffic which will bring more opportunities for me to engage with new people/clients.

My aim is to not only blog about my woodworking projects but anything that is relevant to my journey of building my own business. Plus other things that crossover between work and pleasure.

So until next time... Diolch! (thank you)



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