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Camping Trip 06/06/18

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Don't wait, just pack up and GO!!

So, I took another trip camping over the weekend. It was long overdue. Although I've been before I'm definitely not an expert yet. Saying that I'm pretty nifty at loading up the car, pitching the tent and packing away now. Go me! Although I'm never alone doing it, so I can’t take all the credit. Myself and Chelle (partner,) have a good little system going on. Depending on whether we are packing heavy or light, with or without the dog, there's no denying it! We are much better due to our own little system we've adopted. If you can get this part right, it will set the tone for the rest of your trip. Start as you mean to go on, feeling relaxed and ready for the fun of camping. Nobody wants the stereotypical pitching of a tent to be a part of their trip. Frustrations of packing, unloading, pitching and forgetting EVERYTHING. The typical story of the tent blowing away, all the gear you need is at the bottom of the pile in the car or blocked in by something else. Can’t find the keys to the roof box. The rain decides to fall down at the very moment you step out of the car. Don’t forget the dog deciding he wants to have a funny 5mins after a long journey. IF you have kids… they are already bored as soon as you’ve arrived. The tent is taking way too long to put up. But luckily, for me this just isn’t the case. It's much less stressful, even with a dog and an energetic nephew. Even though I’ve only been a handful of times, I know and realised that preparation and a system is key. Pitching up this time was even more enjoyable than the last. The sun was out, and the light breeze was keeping me relatively cool. We arrived after the school holidays, so we landed a very peaceful spot with a great view too. Immediately when we arrived I was thinking about the next trip. I've been going on and on about camping the last few weeks, I'm determined to camp more often.

Greenways of Gower, Swansea, Wales

This is my 3rd visit to this particular campsite. It’s become our go-to place. It’s a short journey which means more time spent camping less time travelling. Sometimes we camp only 1 or 2 nights. Having a site only a short journey away with great facilities really helps. Jake (my dog) also loves it there. They welcome dogs as long as they are kept on a lead within the campsite. For chilling and hanging around in the tent I use a handy little swivel tether. Peg it to the ground, connect a carabineer to his lead and you're away. This allows him to come in and out of the tent as he pleases. You can go about your business knowing it will keep him safe and away from your fellow campers.

Unloading the camping gear!

Jake enjoying himself after putting up the tent!

The views are gorgeous, and the campsite is always beautifully kept. The facilities have been extremely clean every time we’ve camped at Greenways of Gower (although I’ve never been during peak times, school holidays etc). There’s a park on site too which is cute. Being a woodworker, I was impressed with its outdoorsy feel and natural look to it. Constructed of logs and so on. We camped near the park last year when we brought our nephew. We pitched up overlooking the park, so we could keep an eye on him while he went to play and the dog could still see him. Worked great and he loved it! Here’s a picture of the three of us. We didn’t camp summertime, so we were wrapped up keeping warm. I believe it was mid-September.

This time around we didn't venture far. We decided to spend our time in our temporary home for the weekend. Although I went for small walks with Jake other than that we didn't go exploring. Relaxing in the silence with a view was the plan. Some may say boring trip, but it was just what I needed. I normally need to be doing something ALL THE TIME. We always take a few travel games with us along with a pack of cards and dominos. Took a blast back to my childhood playing guess who, battleships and a few card games. Donkey, Uno, Rummy, Solitaire and Around the Clock. We also take our Kindles for some reading in the sun which I enjoyed. I forget how much I like reading and remind myself I must read more. That being said, if you've got this far in my blog post. Thank you very much and I'll be posting again soon. P.s If you're looking to camp relatively local then I would recommend this place.

Until next time,


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