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Axminster Craft AC2606B Bandsaw

This is the first bandsaw I've ever owned. I went a couple of years without a bandsaw and I wish I'd bought one sooner. It makes life so much easier in the shop. So many more opportunities open up with this in the workshop.


Axminster Craft AC153E 2.0HP Dust Extractor

Before I had machinery equipment I only used my festool dust vac for dust collection. But after growing over the years I knew I needed dust collection in the workshop. Having this set up in the workshop all connected to my equipment makes it not only more enjoyable to work but more efficient too. Plus the health reasons, breathing in less dust!


Dewalt DW745-GB Heavy Duty Table Saw, 250 mm

One of the first big pieces of equipment I bought! Although mine is the previous model from years ago with the old button it's handled everything I've thrown at it. The best feature on this is the telescopic rail, adjusting the fence is so easy and accurate.

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