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Just Try It!

Have you ever thought "I wish I did or I wonder if I did..."

Me too! I think there are many people who want something in their life but choose not to for many different reasons. Work, normality, acceptance, time, money... the list could go on. I was one of these people. Now I'm changing that, someone once told me "Stop thinking about it, just try it! You might surprise yourself". I took this advice and I'm slowly building my own business in something that I love doing, woodworking!

Why woodworking?

Woodworking allows you to be creative and express your artistic vision. It's rewarding to see other people finding great pleasure in an item you've made. I want to change the philosophy of throw away furniture/items. My aim is to make pieces that will last for years and be passed down the generations. Pieces that bring their own story. To do this you must make something that is timeless, and that's why I choose to work with wood.

How did I start?

The best way to start woodworking is to just dive in and give it a go. That’s what I did. Start small and build up. If you are extremely new to woodworking or any form of DIY. The web is a great source to learn how to use basic hand tools, power tools and joinery methods etc. Ask someone you know who is already in the trade or has some experience. As long as you’re sensible and work safely you can start woodworking with no experience. First, do a little mind mapping, have some ideas of what you want to build. I like to start with a sketch or design, doesn’t have to be complicated, just a reference for when you start building. Go hunt for materials whether that be recycled or bought from your local lumber yard, store or where ever you can get your hands on some wood. Then get building. Once you’ve mastered the basics you can then work on bigger projects when you become more experienced.


I started woodworking in any space I could find. You just need to be realistic. If you have a small space, then you build smaller projects. All my previous projects/commissions I built from home. But with hard work and patience I hope to be set up in a larger shop space within the next couple of weeks. So, like me just start wherever you have space, your garden, outdoor building, a spare room or where ever you have available.

Even if your thing isn't woodworking, I encourage you to 'Stop thinking about it, just try it". Put some purpose behind whatever it is you want to do and do it!

If You Never Try You'll Never Know

Until next time..



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Sleep | Eat | Build | Repeat

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