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Along side my woodworking business making and selling my products, I create art pieces.  I enjoy working with an organic and  a natural composite which grows from the ground, WOOD. There's something beautiful about this material, it's the extension of trees which brings a feeling of life.  It's grain pattern comes from years of growth and  its colour cannot be replicated making each piece unique.  It compliments other materials gracefully which is why I occasionally use other mediums to complement the wood in my work. Aside from using wood for artwork pieces I also love illustrations, drawing and painting. You can purchase prints of my work on the store page.

Cats In Boxes

Series of works drawn by KPD of Cats In Boxes. List and gallery of original works certifying their authenticity.

EDC Gallivanter

Carrying the Every Day Carry items on their travels. No matter when or where! Inspired by the EDC community and the release of the baby banter in purple and gold thumb stud combo.

Prints Available For Purchase! 


Pyrography piece featuring CLFC badge. feathered wings and a beaming crown. Hand drawn sketch followed up by burning the line work into the wood using a pyrography pen. Framed in oak and finished with a wax oil resin.

KPDArt_Character Logo.png

Playful illustration of the KPD logo. Drawn Live over on Twitch. Free drawing and experimenting.

Welcome To
Zombie Town

Drawn live over on Twitch. A piece created with 7 days to die being the inspiration. A family of 7 get caught in an apocalypse and one by one they become the zombie family walking the deserted town.

Prints, Tee and Hoodies Available For Purchase!

Teardrop Mallet_Graphic_Image.jpg
The Teardrop Mallet

I made my very own mallet for my woodworking based on a teardrop design. I was inspired to make a graphic piece and this was the perfect subject. Digital drawing.

Prints Available For Purchase! 

KPD Designer Maker Artwork.jpg

Commission doggo art using solid pine for the base background. All pieces are then cut by hand to fit the required pattern from a picture reference. Wood species Oak & Ash combo. Finished in a natural oil wax to bring out the natural grain of the wood.


Digital drawn illustration featuring my doggo Jake. Spring Spaniel.


Character and emote illustration featuring Prevs87 as Michael Myers, labelled the nicest killer on Twitch.

Prickly Cactus_©KPDART_2023_Poster.jpg
The Prickly Cactus

Drawn live over on Twitch. Free drawing concept. We have our very own Prickly Cactus watching over the orange and yellow desert.

Prints Available For Purchase!

The Gambler

Hand carved and hand routed piece. inspired by an uneven dice! Only a gamblers keen eye would notice.

Textured background carved using a gouge over many hours and it looks even better in person!


Gifted piece! Photo referenced and drawn on the iPad using adobe fresco. Keeping the piece as simple as possible and capturing a memory.

Lexi custom sign 4.JPG

Hand made sign. Routed lettering and painted with acrylics. Top coated with a clear satin finish.


The Prevarooo print. Hand drawn illustration. Ride the rainbow and take on the world! Inspired by @prevs87 and @rebeccarooo Twitch.Tv

Prints Available For Purchase!


Drawn live over on Twitch. Free drawing concept. Christmas special trying out new techniques and brushes. Loved it so much we made a collectors mud edition.



 Available For Purchase!

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