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Kirstie Pervin Davies ' Do Your Thing'


I've lived in South Wales all my life. I started woodworking in comprehensive school where I studied Design & Technology. After that, I went on to work within an Arts Theatre before moving on to study engineering through an apprenticeship. But I've always been drawn back to the idea of creating my own woodworking business, designing and making my own pieces. Creating handcrafted pieces that are built with longevity in mind and made to the highest quality. I aspire to create one of a kind pieces that can be cherished by you, your family and friends. I have a passion for coming up with unique and creative ideas which I hope to implement in my products. To create pieces that can be passed down through the generations with a story to tell.


There aren't a lot of courses locally where you can study fine furniture or making alike, so I would say I'm self-taught. I've gained my knowledge from reading, online study/research, woodworking magazines and YouTube. In addition to, during my previous occupation studying at college and working as a mechanical engineer, I've transferred similar skills and knowledge over to my woodworking. All the above has helped me gain the experience and skills that I needed to start my journey. As a side goal I aim to inspire other people to try woodworking, making things or even look to be an entrepreneur yourself! Even if its not within the making category! Be different and "Do Your Thing". So that's why I've started documenting my work which I feature over on my You Tube Channel, Instagram and Facebook Page.


You can also join the KPD Discord. A creative community! Place to chat, share content and have fun all together. Featuring Woodworking, Art, Crafts, DIY and more...

I created this server for all to enjoy and connect in one spot.

In addition to the KPD Discord you can support via Patreon. There is no obligation to become a Patron but I will always be incredible grateful to those that do. The KPD Patreon runs in conjunction with the KPD Discord. Becoming a Patreon will give you discord perks within the server as well as behind the scenes, early access, livestreams and more.

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