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Dressing Room

My first project...

To gather information on my first project would be difficult. I haven't always documented my past projects and if I did, finding them now would be impossible. I wish I began documenting from the start but back then I didn't realise the importance of it. I had no intentions of showing them online. So I'll jump right in with a project I have pictures of stored on my PC.

The Dressing Room Project

The dreaded wardrobe that is constantly overflowing or simply unorganised that it makes you want to pull your hair out. That was me! On a small budget, I decided I needed to declutter and build a wardrobe. The third room upstairs which I call the "box room" is where I decided to start the project. Being right next door to the bedroom I wanted to convert this room into a walk-in wardrobe. I didn't have the money to splash out on anything custom fitted or to pay out on new furniture pieces.

With this in mind, I decided to keep the set of draws I currently own and use them in the build to create a space that worked for me. I love DIY and love woodworking so this was a perfect opportunity for me to get stuck into a project.

At the time I had no experience and limited tools but I found a way to make it work. I bought materials from the store and used leftover paint, fixings that were hanging around to keep costs down. I had scrap pieces of oak flooring which I used as solid wood edge banding to give the finish a more premium look. Overall I think this makes the open style walk-in wardrobe look great. This project fits its purpose for what I wanted and I still haven't changed anything on this build. I have added another separate project to complete the room which I will show in a future blog. But for now, check out the pictures of the walk-in wardrobe below. (ps. apologies for the quality and limited pictures I have)

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